$objUsers = get-mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | select UserPrincipalName

#Iterate through all users

foreach ($objUser in $objUsers)


#Connect to the users mailbox
$objUserMailbox = get-mailboxstatistics -Identity $($objUser.UserPrincipalName) | Select LastLogonTime

#Prepare UserPrincipalName variable
$strUserPrincipalName = $objUser.UserPrincipalName

#Check if they have a last logon time. Users who have never logged in do not have this property
if ($objUserMailbox.LastLogonTime -eq $null)
#Never logged in, update Last Logon Variable
$strLastLogonTime = “Never Logged In”
}   else   {
#Update last logon variable with data from Office 365
$strLastLogonTime = $objUserMailbox.LastLogonTime


#Output result to screen for debugging
Write-host “$strUserPrincipalName : $strLastLogonTime”


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